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Lobster or lobster? What do we eat in Varadero?

In the sparkling waters of Varadero, among the waves gently caressing the shore, lies a treasure trove of marine delights: lobsters. These delicate and flavorful creatures, caught fresh from the depths of the Caribbean Sea, provide an unforgettable culinary experience for epicurean travelers.

Imagine yourself seated in one of the picturesque seaside restaurants, the setting sun tinting the sky with golden hues while the sea breeze caresses your face. On your plate, the freshly prepared lobster proudly sits, its tender and succulent flesh promising an explosion of flavors in each bite.

Whether you prefer it grilled to perfection, topped with melting butter, or accompanied by an exotic passion fruit sauce, Varadero lobster will amaze your taste buds and satisfy your appetite in an incomparable way.

Each encounter with this treasure of the sea is a celebration of the gastronomic richness of this region, where Cuban culinary tradition blends harmoniously with the exotic flavors of the Caribbean.

So, let yourself be seduced by the irresistible temptation of Varadero lobsters, and immerse yourself in a taste experience that will remain engraved in your memory long after the last ray of sunshine has disappeared over the horizon.

It’s definitely lobster that we eat in Varadero. Lobster and lobster are different crustaceans as you can read in the articles offered. The problem seems to be that Cubans have adopted the English translation of “lobster” for lobster in their menus.

Lobster or lobster? What do we eat in Varadero?


Lobster on the left and lobster on the right

Chairs with different flavors

This article comes from a French site, but I find it interesting.

Most important ?

It's always a real pleasure and delight to eat lobsters in Varadero! In a hotel, in a restaurant or in a Cuban family who invites us to their table, seafood lovers will always be satisfied!

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