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Eat at Rodolfo Perez

Rodolfo and Isabelle B.

You have to take this little alley to get to Rodolfo's

$20 Canadian for the lobster plate with side dish. It is also possible to eat chicken or fish.


A great discovery suggested by one of our members!

Thanks to Yvette Thibault Blanchette, we discovered Rodolfo who welcomes you to his home to serve you excellent lobster or chicken. However, reservations are required.

Feedback from our members

  • Manon Nadeau: “Yes it’s not expensive, there is grilled lobster and another Creole style! Mummmm!!! I can tell you that we eat when we're hungry and we get what we pay for! Rodolfo is so good and this gentleman is too kind! We came back from Varadero and we went to eat at his place for 2 evenings! »

  • Isabelle Bouchard: “Rodolfo Perez. The best place to eat with locals in my opinion, I would even say better than several restaurants. The shrimp in tomato sauce and the lobsters were simply delicious. And great service from Rodolfo. »

To find it easily

Photo shared by Luc Blanchette

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