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Coups de soleil et insolations - Attention !



What exactly is a sunburn? It is nothing more and nothing less than a burn caused by prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. We recognize a sunburn by:

redness, warmth and tenderness of the skin to the touch within 24 hours

appearance of blisters in the following days

very dry skin (peeling skin) on burned areas

To avoid the inconvenience of a sunburn, nothing beats applying the following preventive measures:

limit your exposure to the sun, especially between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

look for the shadow

wear a hat and clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible

apply a quality sunscreen offering complete protection (against UVA and UVB) and having an SPF of at least 30: generously (7 tablespoons for the whole body, with each application) and regularly (every 2 hours, or more often if sweating or swimming)

Don’t forget to protect the areas most exposed to the sun (the nose, lips, ears and neck.)

wear sunglasses.


There is no miracle cure to make sunburn disappear. It simply fades over time! However, here are some tips to alleviate symptoms and promote healing. In the following days :

cool the skin by taking a cool shower (between 15°C and 20°C) or bath and applying a cold compress to the painful area.

avoid the sun

Drink a lot of water

moisturize your skin well

if the pain is severe, take an anti-inflammatory such as aspirin or ibuprofen

cover the burned area with non-irritating cotton clothing and avoid further exposure to the sun for two to three weeks

Here are some “natural” tips:

Baking soda

When we tell you that bicarbonate adapts to all situations... Even for sunburns! Its antiseptic and soothing properties in case of burns will help you alleviate the pain that often accompanies a sunburn.

Soak compresses with cool water and baking soda and apply to burned areas. Leave for ten minutes and repeat two to three times a day to soothe and repair the skin.


The benefits of honey in cases of burns are more to be demonstrated. When the skin has reddened due to too long exposure to the sun, or if your skin is fair, you can use this treasure from the hive to treat yourself and soothe your skin. How it works ?

On the affected areas, spread a layer of liquid honey and leave for a quarter of an hour then rinse with lukewarm water. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to repeat the operation three times a day. This will allow the skin to heal more quickly.

Aloe vera gel

A sunburn and your body feels like it's on fire! Painful, they make life difficult for us. By the way, remember that it is strongly recommended not to apply ice cubes to a sunburn. On the other hand, have you ever tried aloe vera gel?

This plant with strange leaves is full of a jelly that is as rich as it is beneficial for the skin and the body. If you have a foot of them at home, open one or more leaves lengthwise depending on the size of the burned area. Apply the gel, which is nothing other than the sap, directly to the sunburn. If you don't have a potted plant, go to a pharmacy, drugstore or organic grocery store and buy aloe vera gel (as pure as possible). Leave to penetrate without rinsing.

Heat stroke (also called sunstroke) - the danger is real!

"The warning signs that announce heat stroke tend to vary from one person to another. In 20% of cases, minor clinical signs can raise suspicion of the occurrence of heat stroke. These signs of The warning signs are muscle cramps, fatigue, intense thirst or nausea. At this stage, simply removing the person from the hot atmosphere and rehydrating them adequately may be enough to rectify the situation.

Heat stroke, once declared, is recognized by various signs and symptoms which usually appear quickly. In all cases, a body temperature above 40 degrees Celsius is observed. This high temperature can be accompanied by a multitude of manifestations such as a rapid pulse, low blood pressure, dry, hot and red skin, severe headaches, nausea and vomiting. In the most serious cases, loss of consciousness (up to coma), delirium, strange behavior and convulsions may also be observed.

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