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Baggage allowed in the cabin if you are traveling with a baby

I am traveling with a baby, what can I bring with me in the cabin?

According to the CATSA website – the exceptions for baggage if you are traveling with a baby are:

Some items are not subject to the 100 ml or 100 g (3.4 oz) limit and do not need to be stored in a plastic bag. However, you must report these items to the screening officer for inspection. The exceptions are:

· Baby food and drinks: If you are traveling with a child under two years old (0 to 24 months), it is allowed to bring baby food, milk, infant formula, water and juice.

· Breast milk: Passengers traveling with or without children may carry quantities of breast milk exceeding 100 ml.

What are the airlines saying?

Once again, a good travel consultant will be your best resource to help you prepare for a “smooth” trip if you have to fly with a baby or young child. Don't hesitate to use their skills!

Air Canada:


It is sometimes difficult to find diapers for babies in Varadero. Better to bring more than less! It is also recommended to bring any medications that may be necessary for a baby or young child (Zincofax, Tylenol, etc.) because they can sometimes be very difficult to find in Varadero.


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