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Avoiding or treating the inconvenience of sand flea bites - Allergy question above all

These tiny critters that really annoy many people!

Sand fleas are found on just about every beach in the South. What's fascinating is that some people get eaten while the person right next to them has no problem. It appears to be simply a form of allergy: some people are allergic to their bites and therefore have strong reactions while others do not react at all.

"The sand flea, also called a chew flea, is a small crustacean found along most beaches. When it bites, it leaves (on the area) its saliva which causes skin irritation and itching . Sometimes the female burrows into the skin to lay eggs. This can cause infections and increased irritation. To treat these bites, you need to soothe the irritated skin. But, if the symptoms get worse, you should see a doctor." Source:

Avoiding bites

In basic advice, people who react to sand flea bites are recommended not to sit directly on the sand (on a towel for example) but to use beach chairs. It is also better to wear beach shoes rather than going barefoot.

It seems that sand fleas seek shade more than sun. We would therefore find more of them under the palapas, near the groves of greenery and particularly in the evening after the sun has set. But I can't yet find a reliable source to support this claim.

I am allergic to sand fleas, is there any way to protect myself?

Mosquito repellents containing DEET (ideally 20%) also repel fleas and bedbugs. - Source:

Do’s and don’ts when leaving the beach

The first thing to do when you get off the beach is to take a shower when you get off the beach or one at the pool. At worst, you take a shower when you return to your room. It is also recommended to never place your beach bag or towels on your bed .

Treating Sand Flea Bites

This article presents the essential (in my opinion) tips to remember for treating these unpleasant bites. Remember that it is better to bring medication with you, even as a preventative measure, than to think that you will find it at a pharmacy in Varadero. Sometimes there is and sometimes not... And the prices are very high.

Other resources that might interest you

1:21 video shared by the administrator of the group “Le Vrai Cuba”

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